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  • Weight: 78g
  • Length: 55mm
  • Width: 36mm
  • Height: 11mm
  • USB L: 430mm
  • CAN L: 1150mm

CAN analyser

Shiftec clutch control unit

Capable of reading CAN information and converting to engineering units for live display and data analysis purposes

An essential device for any motorsport or electronic engineer, the Shiftec CAN analyser is a powerful and user friendly analysis tool for automotive CAN systems (2.0B compliant). Housed in a compact anodised aluminium casing the Shiftec CAN Analyser is capable of reading all CAN messages on a CAN Bus and has a simple USB PC connection. The robust CNC machined casing provides protection from dust and moisture whilst being easy to transport and use.

LED status indicators give a quick visual representation if the Bus is alive and has any errors present. Used in conjunction with the Shiftec iFace software any message or bit can be displayed in real time. PC based logging allows quick creation of CSV files live from the CAN Stream.

CAN connection is through a 4 way Deutsch DTM connector but other adaptors can be supplied.Each CAN analyser comes with a handy storage pouch.

- Powered from USB port
- Supports standard CAN data rates (1MBaud, 500Kbaud, 250KBaud and 125KBaud)
- Supports bit packing , little/big endian, signed, extended etc
- Converts CAN data to engineering values and displays them on user defined TABS
- Graphical display – bar graph, dial gauge
- Will import .dbc files
- Very easy parameter set up
- CAN bus error detection
- Ability to log CAN stream and either convert to engineering values using parameters or store as HEX values in text format
- Transmit CAN message functionality
- Graphical display of logged data


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