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World Class performance
Some of the highlights of our Clutch control system, for more information please contact us directly.

  • high accuracy of control
  • low air / current consumption
  • high reliability
  • fast response
  • lightweight
  • low cost

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Developed for the inaugural F2 Championship Used to great effect in top line championships. Indy Racing League World Series by Renault 3.5

Clutch Control Unit

Shiftec clutch control unit

Convert to 2 pedal set up as in F1

Enables full closed loop fly by wire clutch follow control from steering wheel mounted paddle along with advanced features such as anti stall when combined with suitable engine control. Full user defined CAN interface. Fully featured and very sophisticated failure detection and system diagnostics. Clutch position demand to paddle demand calibration to enable bite point optimisation.

Compatible with standard master and slave cylinder installation; no modifications required. No Slave cylinder position sensor installation required. Emergency/FIA neutral facility built in. Suitable for all applications - works to single make championships.

Only necessary connections for control are:
- 3 wires to clutch paddle (or demand via CAN)
- power supply
- dash 4 air supply (8.5 - 9.5 bar)
- master to slave cylinder pipe


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