Anti-Vibration Dampers

Defence Dynamics is a provider of anti-vibration and shock isolation mounting solutions for military, marine, aerospace and commercial applications. Its admiralty range of Naval mountings are the preferred and recommended choice of the UK MoD and many Navies around the world.

Defence Dynamics’ mounts comply with international specifications and are manufactured in the UK to the defence industry’s exacting standards. Product quality is partnered with superior technical support. The use of unique calculation software allows Defence Dynamics to verify the selection of mountings employed to isolate shock and vibration. By predicting the response of mounted systems to shock and vibration coupled with design guidance and support ensures that customers take delivery of optimum solutions.

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Admiralty Range

Aerospace Range

Industrial Range

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Type X

Developed to protect shipborne equipment from vibration and shock caused by underwater explosion. The mount generally provides better shock and vibration protection than any other mount presently approved by the MoD.

Type Y

Similar shock protection to the ‘X’ mount, with the added advantage of improved vibration attenuation at higher frequencies.

Type XM

Dimensionally identical to the ‘X’ mount. The stainless steel knitted mesh dampers provide temperature independent performance.

Type J

Designed to yield at a predetermined load in any direction under shock. It is suitable for protecting equipment where vibration isolation is not required.

Type L & M

Used for medium to high speed machinery for shock and vibration protection. Incorporates a decelerator unit for captivity under shock loading.

Type PD

Available in three sizes covering a mass range of 750 – 2500 kg providing vibration isolation for heavier applications.

Type R

Consisting of rubber washers and centre bush, this mount provides vibration and noise isolation for lighter weight applications.

7001 Series

Mass range 0.25 – 4.6 kg. Natural frequency 7-11 Hz. Applications include aerospace, marine, mobile and industrial

7002 Series

Eleven sizes with mass range from 0.7 – 110 kg. Natural frequency 7-10 Hz. Applications include isolation on fighting vehicles, aerospace, marine, military and industrial.

1202 Series

Supported mass range 1.15 – 34 kg. Natural frequency 15 – 30 Hz. Applications include isolation on fighting vehicles, aerospace, marine, military and industrial.

Series K171

Supported mass range 0.11 – 2 kg. Natural frequency 15 – 25 Hz. Double acting plate mount with symmetrical assembly to accommodate movement in tension and compression.

W302 Series

A general purpose mounting for heavy duty applications. Typically used in machine shop, marine, and mobile applications. Mass range 35 – 725 kg Natural frequency 14 – 22 Hz

W9300 Series

Designed for high temperature applications which include long travel. Applications include suspension of exhaust pipes, machinery etc. Mass range 10 – 50 kg

W1133 Series

Low profile isolator for heavy machines such as panel presses and guillotines. Five equidistant resilient mesh cushions support a heavy gauge steel plate. Multiple units can be employed to accommodate even greater loads. Mass range 453 – 9070 kg. Natural frequency 13 – 16 Hz.

Knitted and Formed Mesh

Due to its excellent heat and corrosion resistant properties, knitted stainless steel mesh has a wide range of military and industrial uses when formed into pads, washers and sleeves. Applications include aerospace, filtration, marine, instrumentation and communications.