Monobloc Calipers
The latest generation of caliper design. Machined from a single piece casting, forging or billet, the Monobloc design utilises aluminium alloys for optimal strength and weight characteristics. Delivering ultimate performance, this is utilised across performance and premium automotive as well as motorsport from, Formula One, LMP, and GT to NASCAR.
2-Piece Opposed Piston Calipers
Ideally suited to performance or heavy vehicles, we have a library of two, four, and six piston variants to suit a variety of applications. An opposed piston solution enhances the braking performance, pedal feel improves pad wear and reduces coast down drag. Manufactured from aluminium or iron / SG iron depending on the application being used.
Bespoke Caliper Requirements
Ranging from bespoke solutions for Formula One to production volumes designed to suit exacting requirements, we have the experience to suit any requirement. With a team of in-house designers, flexible 5-axis CNC machines, and full production facilities we have the capability to design calipers from a blank sheet of paper through to supporting full production manufacturing.
Cast Iron Calipers
Where space and cost are the main consideration, Cast Iron calipers are still the best way to go. We have decades of experience supplying iron calipers to some of the world's most iconic vehicles from the Defender to the Mini and e-type.
Pin Slider Calipers
An ideal caliper for lightweight vehicles or where cost is of primary consideration. Our pin sliding calipers can be found on production vehicles, with its less complex design often making it more compact than alternative solutions.