Technical Spec

While the new generation of the T1 retains all the racing DNA of its predecessor, it also features redefined aggression and aerodynamic looks, improved technical specification and performance, and a range of professional race car support products and services that offer a superb track experience. The vehicle has been completely redesigned for the next generation and benefits from:

  • Bespoke powertrain systems with an optional all-wheel-drive configuration and selectable performance modes
  • New suspension configuration for increased stiffness and performance with adjustable ride height
  • Updated carbon composite chassis and body panels to meet strictest safety criteria
  • Improved comfort, information, and experience including heads-up-display
  • Drivability enhancements including ABS, traction and stability control
  • High-performance brakes and world-leading integrated park-brake telemetry and communication system.

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The Evolution is the next generation of the iconic T1. With a limited edition production of just 25, the Evolution has been designed from the ground up to deliver a hyper car performance automotive with inspiration from the aggression and technology of fast jets. The Evolution is a car with its spiritual home on the track while the unique 2-seat arrangement and distinctive styling features of the original T1 provide the foundation on which the Evolution was born. Whether sharing the thrill of piloting or pushing the limits with a professional driver the Evolution offers an unmatched experience on 4 wheels.