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Actuator 34
Our standard actuator combines low internal drag with great reliability. This actuator will fit the majority of installations and has been fitted to a wide range of gearboxes.
Gear Shift Servo Unit
Introduced during 2012 for some of our Le Mans GTE customers. ‘Valve on actuator’ design means this provides the ultimate in performance and packaging, removing the need for a separate valve block.
Side Mount Blipper
Our most common throttle blipper. The side mounting allows for easy installation and packaging. Proven components provide reliability and speed.
Cable Blipper
Designed for installations where packaging is at a premium. The throttle cable runs through the blipper allowing freedom for mounting. Enables throttle blip during down-shifts when linked to a suitable valve block and controller.
Self-Centring Device
Assists gearbox actuation levers to return to a central position.