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GCU 700 - Integrated Valve Block
This is a combined unit containing a gearshift control unit (GCU) and valve block making for easy packaging and integration. Available as either a three-way or two-way version. Easy-to-use, bespoke software allows simple set up and configuration.
GCU 500
Our most popular standalone gearshift control unit (GCU) provides full functionality with USB communication to Shiftec’s easy to use configuration software.
GCU 800
Our professional level gearshift control unit (GCU) with all the functionality of our GCU500 plus additional IO capability inside a lightweight, compact and billet machined housing with AS connector. Aimed at high level motorsport.
3 Way Valve Block
Our 3 way valve block incorporates valves within the unit, giving them full protection against damage whilst controlling up, down, and throttle blip. This valve block offers great performance and reliability at a sensible cost.
2 Way Valve Block
The 2 way valve block is designed for applications with fly-by-wire throttle control. This valve block retains all our usual attention to design and performance.
Single Paddle
One of our most popular products, these paddles can be fitted to the steering wheel in pairs for fast, definite, and reliable shift actuation. Our proven design has been in use for many years.
Dual Paddle
Our two-way shift paddle with push/pull action. Designed for rally car / off-road use. Also popular on racing yachts!
Gear Position Sensor (GPS)
Our GPS is a standard fit to most gearboxes. The twin-track Hall effect sensor provides high reliability and precision.