SMT’s Technical Training can be carried out on a multitude of platforms, delivered in accordance with international mechanical teaching standards. As expected with SMT’s experience, the level of technical training that can be provided is second to none. However, our Technical Training isn’t limited to tasks surrounding the physical repair.

SMT takes a holistic approach with regards to Technical training, with prevention being the best cure. As such, we also offer a wide range technical fleet management training. All of this can be delivered in accordance with the customs, geographical location, and language requirements. Technical Training can include:

• Mechanical

• Electrical

• Hydraulics

• Systems integration

• Communications Installation

• Electronic Diagnosis

• Fleet Management

Complimenting each training package, a full set of teaching manuals and material can be supplied, all of which can be tailored on request.

For more information please contact the team directly by emailing or call 01432 769031.