Sport B-Spec Kits
Designed to offer an immediate upgrade to the standard setup, our Sport B-Spec upgrade kits offer a cost-effective improvement to braking performance. Intended as a basic upgrade, our motorsport expertise means that these kits have a racing pedigree from professional motorsport.

Sport A-Spec Kits
Our Sport A-Spec upgrade kits have been specifically engineered to offer exceptional braking performance. Using knowledge gained from the top levels of Motorsport these track-focused kits reduce braking effort, resist fade, and improve performance allowing later braking and increasing confidence.
Race Kits
Offering peak performance and a no-compromise attitude to design, our Race upgrade kits offer the ultimate in braking power and performance. Built to cope with the extreme conditions of racing, including higher temperatures and more frequent braking events, whilst maintaining a constant level of performance.
Warrior Kits
Aptly named and the ultimate in off-road brake upgrades, our Warrior kits have been designed to work in some of the toughest environments around the world. Initially developed for armoured vehicles, the larger calipers, increased piston sizes, bigger brake pads and discs all aid in providing shorter stopping distances and more control. Each kit has been custom designed for its application and retains compatibility with many OE setups.
Heavy Duty Kits
Designed to handle the increased braking requirements from larger wheels and tyres used when venturing off-road. Larger pistons mean increased clamping force and an increase in pad area gives better stopping power, a must for any upgraded off-roader.