Liberty’s 920e makes debut with fully-integrated park brake

Liberty’s 920e makes debut with fully-integrated park brake

  • 920E is a new brand with respected Automotive Products lineage
  • 920E is a business unit within Liberty Vehicle Technologies, a specialist engineering division of Liberty Industries, which is part of the Liberty House Group
  • Liberty House Group is a fully integrated global supplier of metals, downstream steel products and advanced engineering systems that offer value-added solutions to customers in a number of industries, including the automotive sector
  • The innovative design of the park brake offers a 30%+ reduction in un-sprung mass over equivalent sliding calipers
  • It is compatible with market leading electric actuation units
  • Offers greater cross-platform flexibility, improved brake feel and stiffness
  • Production ready in 2016

920E (920Engineering), part of Liberty Vehicle Technologies and the newest brand from the prestigious Automotive Products (AP) lineage, has made its innovation debut with the launch of an industry-first fully-integrated park brake calliper. The product enables the company to offer automotive manufacturers a complete, opposed piston, foundation brake system with a number of significant advantages. The new brand was developed following the acquisition of a Leamington Spa-based automotive engineering firm by the Liberty House Group in December 2015. Liberty House is a fully integrated supplier of metals, downstream steel products and advanced engineering solutions, with a substantial footprint in the Midlands and in excess of 1,200 employees in the region.

The business delivers value to a number of customers, especially in the automotive sector, through innovation driven by a strategy that ranges from renewable liquid steel to high-end engineering products. 920Engineering’s first new offering to the market is a ground-breaking product, aimed at reducing mass and improving braking system performance. Its design incorporates a fully-integrated, park brake mechanism within the envelope of an opposed piston rear caliper. The result is decreased complexity, reduced component count and significant mass reduction against current, comparable performance sliding calipers, whilst also offering greater suitability across a wider range of platforms. The new streamlined braking solution, which will be targeted at a range of OEMs, delivers a number of benefits, such as a 30%+ reduction in un-sprung mass over equivalent sliding calipers.

Its innovative mechanism, which is fully integrated into the space envelope of a standard opposed piston rear caliper, offers improved and simplified packaging opportunities and a clean external profile without the need to extend the caliper body or add additional park brake mechanisms. In addition, its design has allowed for opposed piston calipers, normally reserved for performance platforms, to be brought into mainstream automotive manufacturing. All of these unique design elements mean that not only does the finished product offer OEMs a sleek and contemporary styling; the refinements brought about by this exceptionally engineered solution harness the latest in high-performance caliper design while delivering improved braking feel and performance. Anthony Blackwell, Managing Director at 920Engineering, said: “Recent years have seen a huge shift in the application of light-weighting and technology within the automotive industry, areas that are traditionally reserved for motorsport.

This has totally transformed the demands of OEM customers. “The creation of our fully-integrated park brake is a reflection of this. We threw the traditional rule book out of the window and designed a ground-breaking new product that we believe addresses the requirements of forward-thinking automotive manufacturing. “For us, it’s all about utilising the latest technology and our engineering expertise in order to deliver a commercially viable solution for mainstream OEMs. Each and every application we design needs to be the best it can possibly be. Excellence is in the detail.” Douglas Dawson, Chief Executive of Liberty Industries Group, commented: “With the launch of 920E, Liberty has vastly increased its engineering capability and is now able to offer new technologies into one of its core markets – the automotive industry.” Executive Chairman of the Liberty House Group, Sanjeev Gupta said: “This exciting new product is a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of our fully integrated supply chain approach.

By creating expertise and developing market-leading solutions at every stage of the manufacturing process – from liquid steel production and distribution through to value-added advanced engineering products and services – we are delivering innovative solutions to industry both in the UK and further afield.” “The fully integrated park brake, designed at our Leamington Spa facility, was created by a young and ambitious engineering team, looking to bring a step change into the sector. This vision is key to Liberty’s philosophy of re-engineering the steel and manufacturing industries in the UK, and we will continue to work closely with universities and industry bodies, to seek and attract bright young minds that will help us to deliver this vision.” Currently, in pre-production, the fully-integrated park brake will be ready for delivery to OEMs later in 2016.

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