World Leading Motorsports Mechatronics

Shiftec is a world leading motorsport mechatronics and control system supplier based in the UK. Our products help race teams and manufacturers around the world achieve success in all forms of circuit racing, rally and off road. 

Originally established to supply high performance pneumatic paddle-shift to OEM manufacturers, Shiftec now supplies numerous control, electronic, and mechatronics systems from steer, brake, and clutch-by-wire solutions to precision boost control and brushless motor systems used in everything from F1, Indycar and Le Mans to autonomous research vehicles... and a huge variety of applications in between.

  • Anthony Blackwell

    (Chief Technology Officer & Managing Director)

    A proven manager in engineering and technology led environments spanning motorsport to autonomous vehicles, automotive, industrial and defence.

  • Steve Smith

    Helping Engineering & Procurement Teams Simplifying Their Supply Chain:

    35+ years’ experience within the Motorsport & Automotive industry, dealing with a spectrum of B to B and B to C customers.

  • Gary Ridgway

    (Support Team Leader - Controls Assembly)

    Over 35 years in the motorsport industry - engine build, WRC, chassis, design.

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Our Recent Wins

Our recent victories include wins and podiums in Le Mans 24hr across multiple classes, wins and podiums in almost every major GT series in almost every class and the continued supply of our products to house hold name hypercar manufacturers.

The Shiftec Online Shop contains our most popular products, available to you directly. From our Shift-Kits which contain everything required to fit Le Mans winning paddle shift to your race car to our WRC boost control system. We look forward to delivering true world class motorsport products to you and being part of your motorsport success.