Shiftec launches higher performance paddle shift ‘shift kits’ for club and professional motorsport

Shiftec launches higher performance paddle shift ‘shift kits’ for club and professional motorsport

Shiftec, the leading motorsport mechatronics and control system supplier, has launched a range of ready-to-buy pneumatic Shift Kits tailored for Club and Professional motorsport applications.

Combining race-proven components into one user-friendly package, the Shiftec Shift Kits enable the quick and straightforward fitting of pneumatic paddle shift to any vehicle with a sequential gearbox and drive-by-wire throttle.

Both Club-sport and Pro-sport kits feature Shiftec’s Le Mans race-winning Gear Shift Servo, which integrates the control valves directly with the actuator, simplifying installation and improving reliability. It also reduces air consumption and packaging requirements while also significantly improving system response time over more conventional remote valve block setups.

Shift Kits also include a pair of single paddles, integrated accumulator, billet compressor, wiring loom with DTM Connectors, a dash 4 Air Hose kit and Shiftec USB key. The kit is supplied in a hard travel case which can be reused as a laptop case reducing packaging waste.

The Club-Sport kit is available as a hardware only kit for use with ECUs which feature transmission control or with Shiftec’s advanced GCU500 or GCU501 Gear Control Units (GCU) allowing for complete control of the gearbox with Shiftec race winning and world leading gear control strategies. GCU501 also adds drive-by-wire throttle control for the easy integration of paddle shift with OEM ECUs. GCU kits are supplied with a GCU wiring loom and comms cable.

Matt Faulks, Shiftec’s Head of Motorsport said:

“Shift Kits provide everything required to convert a racing car or road car with a sequential gearbox to paddle shift. The advantages of paddle shift in terms of performance and reduced running costs are well known and I am extremely pleased that these kits are now available from stock.

We are keen that the high performance of Shiftec control systems, which have achieved victory in professional motorsport across Indycar, Le Mans, Super Formula, GT Racing and many other professional motorsport series are made more accessible to club and semi-professional racers.

We have worked very hard to ensure these kits are comprehensive, well-documented and easy to install for all competitors, Club and Pro alike, and available at reasonable prices from ourselves and major motorsport retailers.

The Shift Kit includes manuals and guides to assist users with installation and configuration, enabling them to quickly achieve success with lightweight, fast-response, professional motorsport-grade paddle shift.”

Kenny McKinstry, Managing Director of McKinstry Motorsport, said:

“The Shiftec Shift Kit was fitted in a single day to a customer Fiesta WRC, which really improved its performance. We are very excited to offer the Club-Sport kit for Fiesta R5 and other rally applications and look forward to achieving the same performance improvements.”

Originally a supplier of high-performance pneumatic paddle-shift to OEM manufacturers, Shiftec is now an established manufacturer of steer, brake, clutch-by-wire, precision boost control, brushless motor systems, hydraulics and electronic control solutions for motorsport, niche vehicle, automotive, EV and autonomous applications on and off road.

Shiftec’s systems have contributed to recent victories and podiums across multiple classes in the Le Mans 24 hour race, and successes in almost every class of the major GT series.

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