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GCU 500

GCU 500

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The GCU500 is a cost effective yet powerful transmission controller and logger. It is packaged in a compact and durable environmentally sealed ABS casing with two mounting lugs. Connectivity is with standard DTM connectors. Communication link is via a simple direct USB connection and programming is done through easy to use bespoke Shiftec software which features ready set up tabs and templates.

Vehicle connectivity may either be hard wired or linked over a CAN system. GCU500 allows sophisticated closed loop 3 stage control over the shift strategy and the ability to cope with ‘off condition’ shifts as well as options to suit different gearbox lay outs. Inbuilt burst enabled data logging allows GCU500 to maximise data storage space. This combines with full diagnostics and live state machines to allow simple set up and analysis.

More Details

- Outputs for valves / compressor / blip – cut signal / shift lights etc

- 6 analogue inputs including 2 differential inputs

- Dedicated Speed input

- Direct USB communication

- Full closed loop 3 stage shift control

- Auto upshift strategy

- Off condition shifts (on throttle down shift, off throttle up shift)

- On board burst data logging

- Sophisticated diagnostics and state machines

- CAN link enabled

- Torque controlled shift functionality

- Fully featured safety features and fail safe parameters

- Fail/manual mode

- CAN analyser functionality with direct PC logging, transmit, engineering conversion for all formats and bit packing,

- ‘dbc’ import, user friendly interface, user configurable gauges/dials etc,

- CAN statistic/error analysis

- CAN baud rate selectable

- Clutch interface

- Supports FBW and pneumatic blip

- Reverse battery, over-voltage and load dump protection

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