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Emergency Clutch Release ECR

Emergency Clutch Release ECR

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The Emergency Clutch Release is designed to work as a standalone installation to enable
actuation of a vehicle clutch. It has been approved by FIA and ACO for use in LMP vehicles as an emergency neutral device capable of disconnecting vehicle drive-trains.
The ECR requires an external air source and a simple DC power supply.

More Details

The driver retains full control over the clutch with the standard clutch pedal. When activated, the ECR applies pressure to
the clutch slave cylinder for as long as power is supplied to the unit. One power is removed, the unit removes pressure
and returns clutch control to the driver. Due to the standalone nature of the unit, it does not influence normal clutch
operation. It is supplied with a master cylinder, the size of which is calculated based on the release load and travel of the
clutch fitted to the car. This needs to be calculated and specified to Shiftec

Does Not Influence Normal
Clutch Operation
• Can Run From Standalone
High Pressure Reservoir
• Operated With A Latching
Switch From A 9V PP3 Battery
• Driver Retains Full Control Over
Clutch Paddle
• Requires Air Supply And 9-14V
Power Supply
• Can Be Integrated With Blip

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