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Gear Shift Servo

Gear Shift Servo

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The Gear Shift Servo (GSS) has been designed for professional motorsport customers looking to reduce shift times and improve air consumption whilst reducing packaging space.

By building the shift valves into the actuator, essentially combining a shift actuator with a valve block, there is almost zero air path length/volume between the valves exit port and the actuators piston. The effect of this is a significant improvement in system response time, a marked reduction in air consumption and neater package all round with only a single air line needed from the accumulator and a single wiring connector.

The specially designed body and valve block are CNC machined from a high grade aluminium billet and protectively anodised. A durable chrome rod and protective air filters add to the reliability. Low friction seal technology allows for smooth movement and a quick, accurate return to rest position.

Adjustable rod ends on both the body and piston rod allow adjustment to fit most applications.

The GSS is a proven winner in both GT and single seater race series around the world, including victories in the Le Mans 24hr, and has also been successfully used in WRC and off road race cars.

More Details:

- Valve on actuator design

- Quick response

- Low air consumption

- Powerful action

- Simplified vehicle installation

- 34mm total stroke

- Weighs only 364 grams

- Sub 10ms valve response time

- Adjustable rod ends

- M8 and ¼” mounting ends

- Dash 4 JIC air feed fitting

- Proven durability in 24hr races

- Available with DTM or Auto-sport connector.

System Requirements

- Air Supply < 10bar

- Ambient Working Temperature -10°C - +70°C

- Voltage Range 8-16V

- Maximum Current 4.5A @ 12V/20°C

- Min Valve Coil Resistance 2.9 Ohms @ 20°C

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